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Monday, July 22, 2013


Missua with Egg

This dish is very easy and simple. It is an Asian food with rich and full of vitamins. It is very affordable and the ingredients are very affordable and always present in the market.

Here are the ingredients on how to cook this dish:

1 pack Missua noodles
4 pcs of eggs
1/4 cup olive oil
1 tsp salt and pepper
1 chop Patola
5 cups of water
1 minced onion
1 minced garlic

Here are the steps in cooking Missua with Egg:
1. pre-heat the oil in the frying pan
2. saute onion, garlic and egg
3. pour water and let it boil
4. put the Missua noodles
5. put the patola and let it again boil for 5 minutes.
6. wait until the noodles becomes soft and fluffier.
7. serve with sprinkled pepper on top.

This dish makes 6 servings. Let your family enjoy this tasty food and very nutritious.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Green Apple Dish with Special Chicken Egg

One of the Filipino Favorite Viand is Egg which is you can cook in any styles in what kind of cooking you really want. But in my way I really like the scrambled egg that the fry egg styles. I will show you some picture that taken mine while I'm cooking to my favorite egg styles, and I put the Ingredients for that food on how you able to cooked like this.

 First you need to know what utensil we use to:

1. Fire wood
2. Pan
3. Steel burner
4. Bowl
                                               5. Whisk
                                               6. Flipper
                                               7. Plater

These are the utensils you will use it to cook the Scrambled egg fry. It consist 4 to 5 minutes to cooked, it needs to flip the other side in order to cook. Much better Firewood than electronics or Gas, because it gets you much delicious and the egg gets smoked.


                                                       1. Eggs
                                                       2. Oil
                                                       3. Salt
                                                       4. Pepper/Mono sodium glutamate

                                                             Preparation steps

                                                       1. Mixed all the Ingredients
                                                       2. Stir the eggs
                                                       3. Preheat the pan
                                                       4. Put oil in the pan
                                                       5. Pour the egg in the pan
                                                       6. Wait it for 3 minutes and flip
                                                       7. Wait another 2 minutes
                                                       8. Serve

Now this is the finish product of Fried egg food, a very simple way to cooked but it gets you better Delicious and lots of vitamins. Try this one at your home, it is a very easy  to cook a viand in a hassle free way specially when you are in a hurry.